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Let's Talk Creative

Let's Talk Creative is a creative platform created by Megan Vickers. It is a platform that gives advice to young creatives in industry, interviews professionals, feature the fresh faces in design and provides takeovers to give a unique insight to industry on Instagram.

This platform has interviewed numerous former students and guest speakers such as; Jon Francis, Ya'Qub Mir, Shelby Smyth, Chris Hillier-Forshaw, Dan Forster, Sarah Boris and more! They also run a 'Featured' programme where they aim to showcase the work of all years and would love for Bolton Graphics Uni students to take part!


Featured aims to showcase people within design with the aims to network and give feedback and make meaningful connections. Previous students from Graphics Bolton Uni have been featured such as Kalina Nikolova.

LTC x Graphics Bolton Uni

There are aims for LTC to set up an advice scheme for current Bolton Uni Students which will link them up with graduates in order to give advice or simply be a friendly face within industry.

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